About ME

I am an IT consultant, living in the Netherlands, with more then 10 years of messaging experience. Because I wanted to have a personal knowledge base, I created this blog.  Most articles are based on problems and best practices I encounter during my work as an IT Consultant. Because there are more dudes like me, I hope I can make some more people happy with this blog.

May the force be with you …


alexander (-At-) exchangedude.net

4 thoughts on “About ME

  1. I’m also an IT guy (currently configuring a new Lync 2010 server) and a WordPress web developer. Glad I found your site – I think I linked here from the “I’m a UC Blog” which I used to do the installation of Lync.

  2. It is a wonderful idea to build up personal knowledge base knowledge and share your experience with us.
    Hopefully we can learn more from you

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